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Lolita entertainment We offer event staff, promotional models, event management, and spokes models on a professional level at great rates. No matter where, when, or what length of time, we will provide you with what you need to execute your marketing programs successfully. If you would like us to staff your entire program, from management down, we can do that, too!

We separate ourselves from the numerous other promotional groups out there by providing energetic, proactive people who know their job. We never send our staff out under the false assumption that they are "modeling." We continually emphasize the importance of being prompt and having an engaging attitude in all our staff; our staff arrive with the intent of making a positive difference at your event. You need people that understand the importance of every single consumer impression. Our goal is to provide our clients, on a daily basis, with that level of quality in each and every person we provide.

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The Right Girls Agency understand that our staff are our reputation and we always give our clients what they ask for - professional, motivated, enthusiastic, reliable staff that are intelligent, look good and have the ability to do the job they were booked for.
We can supply male and female staff, data capture staff, bilingual staff, event managers, hospitality hostesses, grid girls, demonstrators and staff than can be trained to represent your brand specifically.

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★In the street promotions by branding the name of the event, giving out fliers, wearing the event T-shirt and selling tickects- (if given any)

★We take pictures at the event and publish them on facebook.

★Send the event details through our facebook group.

★Send text msgs with the event details to thousands of cell phones.

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